The Great Ziryab

Ziryab was a man of many talents, a man who introduced many cultural ideals to southern Europe during his time. During his time he introduced and invented concepts to do with music, food, dining, fashion, and hygiene. 

He was born in 789 AD, and grew up in the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad, and avid musical student from a young age.

He begun learning his musical ways under the tutelage of Ishaq al-Mawsuli, who was the Calpih of Baghdad's favourite musician. On one such occasion the Caliph asked Ziryab to sing for him and he mightily impressed. Ziryab's teacher was quite jealous of this and forced Ziryab to leave the arab kingdom. He wandered his way through northern Africa building his reputation as he went, eventually landing in the kingdom of Cordoba, when the Emir accepted Ziryab's request to offer him services in his court. He quickly became Cordoba's greatest cultural influence.

He already came with musical innovation, having earlier revolutionised the Oud, by adding a fifth string, and substituting wooden picks with a quill (or eagle)'s beak, and soon after arriving in Cordoba he opened a music school. He was earning a wage from the Emir before he even heard him sing, but as soon as he did, the Emir would listen to no other.

In his culinary pursuits, he introduced the concept of the 'three course meal', where previously meals had been dumped at once on the table. He also introduced the concept of table coverings, and drinking out of crystal to the region. He introduced asparagus into their diets, where they previously thought it was just a weed.

In his fashion pursuits he introduced the concept of 'seasonal' clothing to adapt fashion to the changing weather, as well as introducing new perfumes and cosmetics. He even opened a beauty parlour, where he created and introduced new hairstyles for the women, using the tips he learned from the social circles of Baghdad.

He introduced new personal hygiene concepts such as bathing twice daily, and using a form of toothpaste and deodorant to remove odours.

By the time he was done, as well as being a celebrity and a notable musician, poet and teacher of sciences, he will always be remember as the man who forged Andalusian culture and identify.